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Breath Of Fresh Air

At one time or another, all of us have watched clouds slowly drifting through the sky and dreamt about the surprising images that such ephemeral matter often suggests. Then the images and our perceptions of them fade from our consciousness just as dreams do.

What a gift it would be to capture the memories of elusive forms of this life and fleeting mental imprints of them that our minds create. This is what Véronique Grolleau does in her work. She turns Nature's undifferentiated matter into something unique, oblivious of its previous properties. She has extended beyond capturing initial impressions to detect other illusive figures, expanding our mind in concentric circles that arise from our first glimpses of the world around us.

Her sculptures, drawings and paintings offer us the line of Ariadne that we need to wander safely through the labyrinth of forms hidden behind the mirror of our mind that reflects what we perceive as reality.

"giving hands" "the dream"

Veronique Grolleau

Véronique Grolleau