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Veronique Grolleau
Veronique Veronique
  • Kundalini


  • Obstacles


  • Dance of Life

    "Dance of Life"  

  • Listen


  • Unravel Resonance= Unravel Resonance=

    "Unravel" & "Resonance"  

  • Stroll Violins= Stroll Violins=

    "Stroll"   & "Violins"  

  • Flying Toward Serenity= Flying Toward Serenity=

    "Flying Toward" & "Serenity"  

  • OpenWindow

    "Open Window"

  • The Forest The Trees The Forest The Trees

    "The Forest"   & "The Trees"  

  • Horizons Fleeing Horizons Fleeing

    "Horizons"   & "Fleeing"  

  • Dancing Notes Freedom= Dancing Notes Freedom=

    "Dancing Notes"   & "Freedom"  

  • Thoughts Muse= Thoughts Muse=

    "Thoughts" & "Muse"  

  • Unison


  • Greatness


  • Golden Curves

    "Golden Curves"

  • Silent Colors

    "Silent Colors"

  • Space and Time

    "Space and Time"

  • Blowing a Kiss

    "Blowing a Kiss"

  • Butterfly


  • Flowing Skyward

    "Flowing Skyward"

  • Breath of Oxygen

    "Breath of Oxygen"   

  • Dance

    "Dance of the spirit"   

  • Toreador


  • "Floating in 3 Dimensions"

  • "Touching the Sky"

  • "Phantomatic Ride"

  • "wild Heart"

  • "Ephemeral Ride"

  • "The Language of Flowers"   

  • "love"   

  • "the beatles"   

  • "tenderness"

  • "shall we dance too"

  • "the duel"

  • "to carry her aura"

  • "the little heart"   

  • "nisroc"   

  • "the heart of music"

  • "voyage to heaven"   

  • "anael"

  • "soqed hozi"   

  • "mirza and alcore"

  • "reaching"


Veronique Grolleau

Véronique Grolleau